08.04.28: Beginning of the Storm

Storm is adapting well, though his progress is slow due to having to slowly adapt to the grass, so he has been in a paddock with Sado, a Paso Fino that is keeping him company.

We have had a few short play sessions together so far, but have been interrupted by cooler weather, rain, and my allergies getting the better of me despite three medications. Storm's first sessions have predominantly consisted of basic level 1 games, beginning to build the communication and rapport with him to start developing the relationship. From the first day, he has been comfortable with the rope, stick and string all over his body so that has taken that much time out of the learning process. He is picking up the basics of the first three games well, and we are beginning to build smaller steps towards the next four games. The only challenge so far that I have encountered is his lack of understanding of the request for lateral flexion to the right. It seems that he has no idea what is being asked of him, and as a result is doing all manner of things in an attempt to find the right answer.

He is doing better around the grounds, too. He still gets uneasy when moving from pasture to pasture or to the arena and around the barn, but he is slowly beginning to settle down and become comfortable with the area. He adapted well to the horses in the pasture, and does not seem to care much for any of the horses, save when he is turned out in the pasture by himself before Sado gets there. He seems to be standing his ground when the other horses challenge him, and they seem to flock to him and he does not seem to mind so much as long as they don't try to push him around. He has stood his ground against Bella and Jessie and Muffin all together, apparently rearing and bellowing at all three of them and driving them away (Jim saw this when he was in the pasture at one point). When he was turned out into the paddock before Jim brough Sado, he proceeded to gallop around the pasture and buck really high in frustration at not having his companion around.

Hopefully the rain will slack off for the week and we will have more time spend together as he adapts to his new home.