08.12.25: Bridling the Storm

In the chaos of the holidays, the bit finally arrived from Myler. I attempted to order the new Parelli Cradle Bridel, but discovered in the process that the largest bit that they had only went up to 5 1/2". There was just no way that Storm's mouth was that narrow. I had to call Myler directly (Dale Myler himself answered the phone when I called) and order a custom made bit. When I told him I needed a 6 1/2" bit, he was quite surprised, and questioned whether I was sure that it needed to be that big. That made me second guess a bit, but I really felt that it was that large.

After waiting 3 weeks for it to arrive, it finally came in the mail in the midst of the holiday chaos. It wasn't until today that we had the chance to get it out to find out if the headstall and bit both fit him.

We had to neaten up the stalls today since it was a holiday and we were here anyway. After we finished that up, we got Storm out and tried the headstall on. It seemed to fit ok, though it was a bit tight in the throatlatch. Thankfully that piece will be easy enough to have made. We then slipped the bit into his mouth, and then attached it to the bridle. It took a while to get it connected properly (I'm sure that Storm was a little confused as to why that was happening backwards anyway). We managed to get it attached, and it seemed ok.

I took him down to Marta to see what she thought of it, and she agreed that it fit very nicely with the exception of the throatlatch. I was content with the way that it fit in his mouth, and the tension on all of the parts, snug, but not too much so. Thank goodness it did fit, because there wasn't any extra room in the headstall to loosen it up, it was on the last hole anyway.

We slipped it off, and let him graze while we groomed him up a bit before turning him out again. I'll get pictures as soon as we can.