10.04.16: Straightening the Storm

Delightfully I discovered that Jeffra would be up by default because she was staying with Lisa, and Lisa had to come up on Sunday for the joust. Apparently they were orchestrating Jeffra getting to the airport, and it was by way to stopping at Graham. Lisa told me if anyone was interested that Jeffra could do a couple sessions. I let Nancy know, and she decided to have her work on Julius, and I decided to have Storm done, and also have her do a session on me. Since it was the day after the completion of our office move, I figured that I would really need it. As it also turned out, Kim was able to stop by and check out the joust, and then when it turned out that Jeffra would be there, she was even more interested.
The move wasn't too rough, which made me happy that I wasn't too sore. Things were happening fast since we had also convinced Joanne to ride in the joust. She had written a chapter in a book on sports history about jousting. I told her it was her one and only chance to actually get to try it out, and so she ended up doing it. We had to get Fulton out of the pasture and groom him up and then saddle him and then get Joanne up and comfortable sitting up on him. Since she had never ridden before we arranged for her to be led so she didn't have to worry about trying to steer and aim for the rings at the same time.
We got her set up, and about that time Kim got there and Jeffra was already behind the barn working with Julius. Kim kept exclaiming all the way across the parking lot how big the horses were. We rounded the corner of the barn and found Laurie up on Charlie and a few other people getting ready to head out for a trail ride. Seeing Charlie made Kim exclaim even more about their size. I laughed and told her that Storm was bigger, much to her disbelief. We watched Jeffra finish up with Julius and Kim was quite fascinated with Jeffra's understanding of the body and muscle groups. I explained to Kim how the horse's anatomy is similar to our anatomy, which helped her understand what Jeffra was doing a little better. She was amazed to see the changes that the horses were making instantly from Jeffra's pushing and pulling. She finished up with Julius pretty quickly, and so I headed out to get Storm.
I came around the corner with him and Kim exclaimed that he really was even bigger. I pulled off his fly mask and Jeffra got out some of her oils and got started with him. He really calmed down and focused on her intently. She worked on his back legs, taking his foot and stretching it down under his belly almost in front of his other hind foot. As soon as he put weight down on his foot, she jumped up and grabbed his tail to pull him towards her. He stepped over to catch his balance, and she stood up rather pleased with herself. She checked his hips, and he was very close to being aligned, and she asked how much work he had been doing. I told her that it hadn't been anything more than Kirsten long lining him for an hour once a month since my surgery. She said that all the horses that were in Kirsten's program were so much easier to work on. She finished up with some stretches, which he did pretty well. She was very complementary of his flexibility despite his size.
I put him back into the pasture and we got the massage table that she brought up with her and headed into the house. She got to work on me, and chattered to herself as she worked. She was frustrated with me for not relaxing enough, and finally was able to do some good work. Half the time I couldn't really *feel* anything per say, but I know that it just felt a lot better. I felt great when she finished up. She used some geranium oil and some other oil to try to increase circulation in my shin where I still have a big numb spot. It was a great experience, and I am looking forward to having her work on me again when she's back in town in about a month.
I talked with both her and Kim about getting back up in the saddle, and we agreed that if I could make it work that getting up on Tali to start with would be a good experience. Knowing that was the goal for Saturday's lesson, I managed to get Tali out on Thursday evening and get the saddle on her. I was prepared to go through the whole process, and did so, though she never really batted an eye at any of it. I was really pleased with her, and don't think it will take too much to get her ready tomorrow evening. At least not as long as she doesn't lay down while wet from tonight's rains!

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