10.04.22: Two at a Time

It was so beautiful when I headed out of work on Thursday that I decided to get the horses out and work for a bit before we had to feed in the evening. Debbie, a woman that volunteers helping us feed wanted to come up early to spend a little time with Dix planned to be up just before 6, so I decided to get some work in.
I headed out to the barn, and found that the horses were still out on the grass, and was dreading having to go get Storm, knowing he probably wouldn't be too pleased to have to leave the grass. He ended up cooperating, which was a good thing. I had decided to head down to the round pen first, and see how he was feeling today. He was a bit up, and so I was a bit glad to allow him the time to burn off some steam.
He started off quickly, again, cantering for quite a while being fairly exuberant in the process. It did not take him as long to come down and being to attempt to focus on me. Though in the beginning he wanted to simply walk rather than focus on me or move at a faster pace. He finally began to come to a point where he could stand and attempt to focus on me. The breeze was blowing a bit and so he became a bit distracted and I sent him off again.
He came back and stood watching me again, though I could tell he wanted to look away. He kept twitching and looking off, but coming right back. He paused, looking at me, then looked off, and sort of twitched and glanced back at me and away again, and stood there for a second before taking off, as if he knew that he'd get in trouble for not staying focused. I laughed at him and waited for him to find calm and focus again. He went back and forth, and Debbie arrived and I told her where to find Dix, and we kept working for a while. He finally was really staying focused, and so we quit for the day. He was fairly sweaty so I got a bucket and wiped him down to get the sweat and dirt off of him. He wanted to roll so bad, and dropped to his knees in the middle of the walkway behind the barn, but decided the better of it when he dropped down and found the ground to be really packed. I turned him out in the pasture again, and he headed off quickly towards the grass, forgetting about his interest in rolling.
Since time was getting away from me I headed to get Tali out, and groom her up quickly to get a ride in. She was a bit fussy with the bit, but finally quieted down enough for me to get the bit in her mouth. We'll just need to spend a little bit of time practicing that.
We headed down to the arena, to get started, and I put the reins on her and set out on our circle. She was a bit steadier than she was on Saturday, and was able to get organized a bit faster. The only other difference was that she was mouthier than she had been, to a point that I was concerned that she was getting her tongue over the bit. It didn't seem like it positive, but I do seem to remember that Storm had some problems like that through the course of his work. I continued to work despite her mouthy objections, and she continued to stay reasonably steady.
I mounted up after working for a while in both directions, and rode for a short time. The fact that she was a bit mouthy had me concerned because I didn't want her to suddenly object something, and since I haven't seen this behavior in her before, I was a bit reluctant to push her too hard. We worked for a while, and it was somewhat easier, though still a lot of work to manage her and maintain my stability and balance. I did figure out that if I cheated a bit and used the Parelli concept of the "pushing" position, it could help stabilize me  more and slow her down pretty quickly. I'll have to ask Kirsten about that when she returns in a month to find out if it is beneficial to use in the interim as she begins to find her balance and has little fits and starts.
All in all it was a good evening, It will be interesting to observe any changes the next chance I get to get back up on her. Likely that won't be until some time this week, we'll have to see if the weather cooperates or not.

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