10.05.21: Ride Number Four

After a long stressful week, it felt good to come home and spend time grooming the horse. I got Tali out and got her set up to ride, and spent quite a while going slow getting her ready to saddle up. I experimented with adding one of the wedge pads under the saddle, and it took a bit more effort to get her girthed up since there was an extra layer under the saddle. Definitely need to invest in a slightly longer girth for her.
We headed down to the arena and got started with some long rein work, and she was responding really well. She was doing a lot more blowing and snorting, and dipping her head. We switched to the right and she had a bit more problems, but was beginning to find some stability. I was pleased with her progress, and took her back over to the pedestal to mount up. I gave her a moment to get comfortable, and asked her forward one step at a time to stand beside the pedestal. She cooperated beautifully, so I gave her a second to scratch and rub on her before I mounted up.
We headed over to the middle of the arena to work in a circle out of the way of the few jumps left out. We started to the left, and were doing alright. It took me a bit to begin to really be able to anticipate her movements, and try to remember the million and a half things that Kirsten chatters from the fence while we work. I was able to manage her reasonably well, and we improved for a while. She was trying to blow and working on releasing some of her tension.
After a while though, things got worse again. She was really throwing her shoulder out on one side of the circle, and it made it really hard to block her on that side. I was beginning to get frustrated, and it wasn't doing either of us any good. I finally changed the game up a bit and instead of working on circles, we did a bit of halt transitions along the fence line to try to help her settle down again. Once she got herself a bit back together, we worked at a walk around the arena, and she was still trying to really push her shoulder out, but was calmer. We worked for a little while before I dismounted and took her back up to the barn to get her untacked since it was getting late.
The only observation that came out of the ride was that there wasn't much sweat under the saddle, only damp on one side, and a little wet towards the back on the other side. So I guess the extra pad probably was too much.
We'll see how she does on Sunday. Tomorrow hopefully I'll get a session in with Storm, and we'll see how it goes.

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