10.07.05: Time in the Gym

As Kirsten says, there is nothing that replaces time in the gym. It was hot, but I managed to get Tali out to do some more work on the long lines. Nancy was already in the arena working Julius, so I grabbed her long lines and took Tali down to get started. I started her to the left since that is her easy side, and intended to put a little more time in going to the right since that was where she is still most challenged. We got to work in the dust and heat and she was doing fairly well. To the left she is not wobbling as much as she had been, and requires fewer corrections to help her maintain her balance. She worked along in the heat doing her very best. Eventually we switched directions, and picked up the circle to the right. She struggled more, and was having a little harder time staying steady, and I had to make more corrections, and stay a lot more active to keep her straight. She was making me work hard!
Finally I had enough of the heat and the dust, and decided to quit. I took her back up and intended to get Storm out but it was just too hot.
After we got back from running errands in the afternoon I had a message from Sarah asking about good places to swim along the river. When I called her I discovered that her and the family were down at the river and had just gotten there, so I headed down to hang out and cool off for a little while. We ended up having a really good conversation about what where I was with the work with Tali, and what Tali would need as the next step. I was beginning to feel like her left direction was stalling out a little bit, and that we were no longer progressing forward in getting any straighter than we had been for the past several sessions. Her right side also seems stuck, but at the same time I know it will take longer, so my expectation is not quite the same. Sarah encouraged me to experiment a little bit with making the circle smaller to step up the challenge for her. So the next challenge will be to test the theory and see if it makes it harder for her by just enough that she will be able to improve and build strength to be able to stay straighter on a larger circle.

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