10.07.16: Bonnie's Request

Since the universe has been on Tilt for a day or so, traffic Friday night terrible, and Nancy called to ask for a hand feeding since she had to get Kirsten from the airport. Jim did manage to make it home not long after I started feeding. I should preface this by saying that Jim always loves to scratch the horses where they are itchy, as do I, since it is one of the few things that we can do to make the horses feel good. The weekend before he was in the pasture scratching bellies, and Bonnie actually raised one of her back legs off the ground so he could reach the itchy spots easier.
As we were turning horses out, he opened Bonnie's stall door to let her out. She was standing in the corner next to her feed bucket and turned all the way around in her stall so that she was standing sideways, looked at him, very carefully raised her back leg and reached under her belly to scratch. Jim laughed and stepped forward to give her a good scratch since she so nicely asked.
Smart little horse!

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