10.07.22: Working Our Way into a Rut

Unfortunately, with the way life rolls I didn't get back to working Tali until the next Thursday after our lesson. I grabbed her and just put the bridle on her so that I could spend more time on the long reins with her, and we headed down to the arena. I didn't remember to grab anything to keep on me so that I could check our time easily, so we just set to work on the circle. She was doing as well as she did before, and was able to work at the level that we left off at the end of the lesson. We started to the right, and she was able to make smaller circles, though still not quite standing in the center without moving. She still needed some corrections, and kept to her usual pattern of having a couple spots in the circle where she would wipe out pretty badly, and need a lot of support to regain straightness. Once I identified those spots, it was easier to keep her steady, and I was able to prepare before it happened to give her more support through her falling into the circle. We kept plugging along for a while, unfortunately without consulting a clock I have no idea how long. She was doing ok for a while, but while coming around the circle through the middle of the arena she really had a major blow out, and lost all forward completely. She started backing up with her head up high, and I did not want to force her too hard, so we finally turned around and went the other way to find forward. We worked Her left direction was improved to the point of being able to do smaller circles with fewer corrections, though she still needed some support to make sure that she stayed straight on the circle. We worked for a while more, and she steadily got better and I waited until she had a really good moment and we wrapped up for the day. Not the best session, and I will definitely have to remember to bring along a timer next time!
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