10.07.30: In the ROUND

There's been too much going on lately to stay caught up on everything. Storm and I had a good session in the round pen. He continues to improve and get more balanced over time.
Wednesday evening Jeane and Joe arrived on their "workamping" journey, and after settling in for a day, Joe got started on the projects with rebuilding the round pen. He took it apart, and regraded all the dirt and then set it up correctly making it the right round shape. It was AMAZING how much larger the round pen felt, even though the actual size hadn't changed at all. I turned Storm loose in the round pen and gently sent him off to the right. He got a bit excited and worked a couple laps in a fast trot. It was not super balanced, but it was a very rhythmical trot, which was a positive thing. He finally settled down and we got to work moving out at a good walk. He was doing better, but I could tell that he was still expecting the rail to turn sharply in some spots. He would drift off the rail or slow down where he expected the curvature to change. He settled in and began to find himself a little bit better and was offering some really nice trot transitions. After he worked for a while, I backed up and asked him to face and then asked him to move to the left instead. He moved off a bit reluctantly, but moved forward at the walk. He was not maintaining his gait as well in this direction, and his transitions did not look as smooth or fluid. Joe came down to check out how we were doing, and I explained a little bit of what we were working towards and tried to point out the good moments and the not so good moments and the differences between them. He was putting in good effort it was just not as easy for him as the right direction was. We worked for a while more, and finally returned to the top of the hill and I took him out to the pasture again.
It was a short session, but it seemed to be productive. I hope to be able to get back into the round pen again to help him build more stability on a correct circle.

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