11.06.27: AT Lesson: Lengthening the Bones

We managed to squeeze one lesson in before vacation, and it was much needed, though it only squeezed out time down tighter to get everything done in time. Jim was having a very bad hip day, so Wendy set him up on the couch to relax while she took me upstairs to work on the table for a little while. She set me up in the position of 'active rest' lying on my back with my knees bent. She worked through my limbs repositioning and drawing my awareness to each limb and section. Somehow, I would swear that she simply lengthened all the bones and made everything longer. It was a really good feeling and a very comfortable one. She worked for a while drawing my awareness to different areas of my body. Once she helped me stand up again I moved around for a little while, and it felt really good.
We returned down stairs and found Jim on the couch resting pretty comfortably. She guided him through working to develop better posture so that he could take the strain off of his hip. The frustrating thing about the pain is that is causes the body to attempt to protect the joint, which is usually the opposite of what actually does protect the joint. Instead of relieving the pain, it actually causes more pain. She was able to help him find some comfort and relieve the pain through working on his posture. It was a good lesson, though trying to change the pattern after it has already started is not much comfort, and it is tough to really be effective once the pattern has become activated. Even with the pain he was in she was able to help him get into a much better posture that was straighter and he looked taller despite the pain.
Unfortunately, we won't be able to have another lesson for a while with vacation and our schedules. I know I'll be ready for another one when we can get back to it!
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