11.09.10: Damp Heat

Holly told me on Thursday that Storm had gotten scratches on one of his fetlocks. With all the rain, it is no surprise, though I am frustrated that he has gotten it. There are a number of other horses in the barn that are dealing with it right now, and the mud and damp is just not helping. I find it very interesting that my horse, my dog and myself are all wrestling with damp heat issues at the moment. Toby has hot spots which we are guessing are related to his food, and are making changes to try to help resolve that issue. And now Storm turns up with Scratches.
So I checked in with my oils crowd, and got some advice and a little clarity on some options and set about trying to get rid of the issue.

11.09.09 pm: It began on his right front fetlock, and I got a call after I got home on Friday afternoon from one of the boarders that said she noticed what she thought was a puncture wound on Storm's pastern. I headed out to check it out and discovered it was more scratches. I waited for Nancy to arrive for feeding and got her to help me clean it up good since I hadn't really dealt with scratches before. It is just gross to have to scrape at the grunge that is causing the irritation and get it really clean. Storm was none too pleased with the entire thing, either. I used a liberal dose of Thieves Household Cleaner and the sponge.

It cleaned up well, and I dried it off a bit before putting Copiaba and Lavender directly on it. Interestingly he didn't mind a bit when I put the oils on it. I could feel the heat energy coming off of it once it was all clean, and he seemed to appreciate the oils.

Left image: R front pre-cleaning. The spot on his pastern is the newer area that has not been treated with anything. Holly found the spot down on his fetlock closer to his heel and treated it with a mix of stuff that I would prefer not to use!
Right image: R front after cleaning. The pink area down close to his heel is the original area, and the area on his pastern is cleaned up and barely weeping.

11.09.10 am: This morning we came out and it looked pretty good, so I scrubbed it again this time trying to work with him to reward him when he held still and be patient with him when he pawed trying to get away from my scrubbing. It looked alright, and I put more oils on it. After I finished rubbing them in, I happened to let him smell my hands, and he really appreciated that, breathing deeply with his nose almost touching the palm of my hand with the oils on it. I let him inhale for a while before he finallly 'came to' and Jim took him to graze a bit.

Left image: R front pre-cleaning. I started to wipe it and then remembered to take a photo (that explains the swipe of blood towards the right)
Right image: R front pre-cleaning. A better shot that shows the area down on his fetlock a little clearer.

11.09.10 pm: Returned to repeat the process in the evening, and it looked a bit worse. Lather, rinse, repeat. He was more patient with the scrubbing this time, and I allowed him to inhale the scent of the Thieves, which he also took in quite deeply. I noticed that he had a new breakout on his left front fetlock, and scrubbed that down and applied the oils to it.

I'll continually update this page to monitor the progress. Tomorrow's blend will contain the addition of purification to help deter the bugs from bothering him a little bit, and hopefully add a bit more kick to the healing power.

R front: pre-cleaning: It is pretty raw again, I am wondering if it is from the bugs getting at it all day. Both spots are pretty raw, and I was able to scrub quite a bit of grunge off of it again. It is an almost solid streak from the spot on his pastern all the way down to the spot on his fetlock.
L front: pre-cleaning. The new spot on his left front fetlock. Not very large, and I was able to scrub it pretty thoroughly without too much trouble.

1.09.11 am: Lather, Rinse, Repeat. It looked pretty clear on both sides.

L front pre-cleaning. It looked pretty good and clear.
R front pre-cleaning. Looking pretty good, though scrubbing was still helpful.

11.09.11 pm: Pre & Post cleaning.

R front: Fairly clear and not too raw. Cleaned up without too much effort.
L front: A bit raw, but easily cleaned up.

11.09.12 am: Fairly clear on both sides.

L front: almost no visible sign, only rough to the touch.
R front: dark marks with some rough texture, but not raw.

Only applied oils, did not scrub due to time.

11.09.12 pm: Pre-cleaning

R front: pretty scabbie and raw
L front: fairly clear, though still somewhat rough. Cleaned up easily.

11.09.13 am: Didn't look bad when I brought him in. I scrubbed it for the first time by myself with no one around, and he stood ground tied and never moved a muscle the entire time. I was really proud of him! I also avoided getting drooled on, which was a good thing considering the nasty green clover slobber that is around right now.

R front: pre-cleaning - a little crusty but not too bad.
L front: pre-cleaning - a small crusty spot on the side of his pastern, but not really fully developed into anything.
R front: post cleaning - pink and raw, but nice and clear looking.
L front: post cleaning - looks good and clean.

11.09.13 pm: The Left front looked pretty good, however the right side was really raw and almost purple from the blood clotting. The flies were particularly bad for all the horses, and so they were really bad on the raw spots.

L front: slightly post cleaning, I forgot to get a pic before I started. It was only slightly crusty.
R front: VERY raw and open, remeniscent of the "puncture" wound that the first person thought it was on Monday. The rough feeling goes all the way from that spot in an almost straight line down to the spot above his heel.
L front: completely clean, a few spots of blood have appeared from where the flies were up on his pastern after I started cleaning.
R front: All cleaned up but pretty raw.

11.09.14 am: Looking a lot better again in the morning. After scrubbing with Theives Household Cleaner applied Lavender, Copiaba and Purification.

L front: fairly clean pre-cleaning
R front: still raw bringing him in out of the field.
L front: cleaned up easily
R front: pretty raw and scabby.

Valiant attempt at wrapping his feet to keep the oils on and prevent the bugs from gaining access to the raw spots. It looked cute, but the left side was already off before he got out of the barn, and the right side was being worn as a bracelet by the time the barn manager went out to put fly masks on for the morning... So much for that idea! (and it used a WHOLE roll of VetWrap anyway!)

11.09.14 pm: Still just as raw and painful. Applied Lavender, Purification and Copiaba, and consulted with the Oily Animals group!

L front: Crusty with raw spots
R front: Pretty big raw spot is just as bad, the lower spot is slightly better.
L front: Cleaned up pretty good.
R front: Raw spot is still pretty big, even once cleaned up.

11.09.15 am: Looked slightly better again in the morning.

L front: Pre-cleaning - not quite as crusty
R front: Pre-cleaning - slightly better though still very raw

Added Wound Salve after applying the oils to keep it covered.

11.09.15 pm: I left town for the weekend and had to rely on my other half and friends to take care of Storm's feet while I was gone. It got done pretty well, and I was grateful that he was showing dramatic improvement. 

L front: pre-cleaning, much clearer
R front: pre-cleaning, not near as raw as in previous days.

Applied Wound Salve over Lavender, Copiaba, and Purification again.

11.09.16 pm: Morning cleaning was done by the barn manager, and so I didn't get photos. That evening he was dramatically improved. At this point we simultaneously ran out of Lavender and Purification. I checked my notes and replaced the two with Wintergreen just to be sure he had a good boost from a wide range of oils. The Wound Salve was applied over the oils still. 

L front: Pre-cleaning - almost no visible mark
R front: Pre-cleaning - no raw bloody spots.

11.09.17 am: Much better! Applied Wintergreen and Copiaba again, layered on top with Wound Salve. 
11.09.17 pm - did not apply any oils, only cleaned it up and slathered on Wound Salve.

11.09.18 am: Pre-cleaning! Looks great! Applied Wound Salve only, no oils. This was the last treatment we did, it is healing nicely now. There are still some scabs, but it is all part of the very healthy healing process.