11.10.15: Back on the Pin Ball

As if I didn't have enough to do, Anne called me and said that they had some unexpected things happen and they weren't going to be able to make it for their lesson, and if I wanted to ride Tali that I could. So I made do with what I had and rearranged things well enough to manage to get Tali organized and ready to ride. I couldn't find the bridle that I always borrowed for her, and so I let Kirsten know and she decided that we could do long lining with me riding so we could get by with just the halter. I had Kirsten check the saddle and make sure that it fit her ok since we widened it since the last time I rode her, and finished tacking up.
Kirsten had me long line her to start with so that we could check in with Tali and see how she was doing. Kirsten was a bit disappointed to see how out of balance she was when I brought her down, but as soon as she got on the long lines she got steadier and steadier very quickly. We changed directions and repeated the process, and it took her a little while again to find the steadiness, but Kirsten and I both were pleased at how quickly Tali was able to find comfort in the support of the long lines and work towards balance. We worked for about 10 minutes before Kirsten got us set up for me to ride while she long lined.
She gave me the lead line looped around Tali's neck so I would at least have something to hold on to, but nothing to actually control her direction. Kirsten got the long lines all set up and we were off. It was a really awesome experience to be able to focus solely on Tali's motion and where her ball was the whole time. With Kirsten's support on the reins, I was able to help Tali find balance, and really pin her ball down so that she could load her inside hind leg. Being able to only focus on what was going on underneath my seat really allowed me to discern her subtle shifts and the effects of my corrections. With Kirsten working that close she was able to really guide me through the motions and support me so that I could find the right position to be in. The lesson went quickly, but Tali was wiped out when we finished, and I was pretty beat too!
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