11.10.30: AT Lesson: Last Chance

We were finally able to squeeze in one more final AT lesson before Jim's surgery, and it was much needed! We brought along the walker for Wendy to show Jim a few tips to use it and stay balanced and so that he would not be creating more compensation or strain than he should. He was able to get the hang of things pretty well so that it would be easier for him during recovery. I was glad for him to be able to have the last chance to find some positive patterns. He looked much more comfortable when she finished up working with him.
She checked in with me, and began to help me settle out and release the tension. I mentioned to her the conversation that I had with Kristen about where the tongue is supposed to rest in the mouth (not against the roof of the mouth!) and  she laughed and said that it was a lesson that many singers and musicians had to go through to learn to perform better with less tension. She went through several different exercises that I can practice to help release the tension in my tongue. It was quite amusing, but I could feel the difference through my mouth and jaw working on releasing. It made me want to yawn a lot!
We continued to work with the shoulders and back, before she had me stand up easily and move around the room a few times. I am always amazed at how easy it is to move when the tension is gone and the body is functioning correctly. It is a feeling that I really want, but it is hard to achieve because it can not be forced. If you try too hard, it fails miserably. I just have to learn to stay out of my head!
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