11.11.19: Putting Humpty Back Together Again

The weekend finally arrived when Jeffra was due in town to work on Jim after his surgery. I was very much looking forward to my session as well, feeling that my hips weren't quite right, and my jaw was a bit messed up as well. With all of Storm's troubles I was looking forward to having her check on him as well. She arrived and set to work on Jim and was really able to help sort him out after he was so crunched up from surgery. He felt good when she finished with him, and he sat in the chair with hot towels soaked with oils wrapped around his feet since he can't lay on his stomach for a full raindrop treatment.
She set to work untangling me, and had her hands full. My jaw was out, as well as my head and neck being quite a mess. Some of the releases took a long time to let go and drifted a long way before finding the correct again. She moved down to my legs, and had to sort out the mess that they had become. She finally got my right leg back into order and "flopping" correctly so that it matched my left leg again. I rolled over, and she sorted out my back and shoulders, which helped a lot. I had her check my wrists and hands, and she straightened out a few things and it gave me a sudden sensation of being really aware of my hands. Like all the sudden my hands were there on the end of my arms below my elbows! Where did they come from!? She finished up and had me walk down the hall and back a few times, and everything felt really good. The sense of movement and from within is a great feeling after having bodywork done. I crashed into bed, and slept like a log. That's more than Jim got considering he ended up with cramps in his thigh all night. I scolded him for not getting some oils to treat the issue, and he made up for it with some good sleep during the day which is good for his body right now.
Saturday morning came early and we headed out to work on horses. Everything went very smoothly, and all the horses did very well. We took a break for lunch and then headed out to get Storm, who was all the way at the bottom of the pasture standing in the mud. I managed to get him without getting too dirty and he took a long time to come up the hill with me, which I suspected was because the hill was a struggle for him. I made sure to lead him back and forth across the hill rather than trying to go straight up it to make it a little easier. We finally got to the top of the hill and brought him behind the barn where the sun was warm and got to work on him. She started by checking his hips, and he was way out. His sacrum was out, and it took her quite a bit of work to get that straightened out again. She had to lift each of his hind legs really high to get him to reset. She got done with his hind end and his pelvis was in a completely different position, he did not look so parked out and was standing much more underneath himself.
She checked his head and neck and found that his poll was out as well, and had to stand on a bucket and cradle his head over her shoulder in order to help him find the release. He resisted but eventually really relaxed and allowed the change to happen. She checked his front legs, and lifted his shoulder, and then extended his front leg almost straight out, and then pulled his leg to the outside ever so slightly and the joint gave a very loud POP as it reset, to which he licked and chewed. Through the whole session he was licking a lot, sometimes chewing through several different releases without stopping! He was very bright eyed and had a completely different look about him. The dull uninterested look was gone, and he was back to his usual curious into everything self. It was a relief to see him acting more himself again.
Between his body work and my body work I will be interested to see how our rides go later in the week when I can get back up on him again.
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