11.12.13: A Moment of Joy

The water trough is as good a place to hang out as any, and so we were as Holly filled it up in the afternoon. We chatted about some upcoming things and idly waited while the water ran. Storm began to mosey back and forth working his way up the steep hill, pausing along the way. Eventually he made it to the trough, and took leisurely drink. Jim stepped into the pasture to scratch on him a bit, and rubbed on him for a while, then leaned against the fence talking with a few other folks that wandered up. Storm moved off to the corner of the pasture, and stood for a while before suddenly leaping forward with all four feet off the ground, bucking out, and running down the hill with a grunt and squeal. He stopped just above the run-in shed, looked back over his shoulder, out across the pasture, and yawned really big. Then yawned again! Eventually he mosied off down into the bottom again to mind his business.
Just a reminder to find joy in any moment, and spontaneously play.