12.03.18: Storm's Birthday Flake!

Happy 10th Birthday to Storm!!
To celebrate his birthday, I set up a flake of hay with carrot "candles" in it, which he thoroughly enjoyed! Well, he enjoyed the carrot part, the grass stubble trumped the hay!
I spent a little while grooming on him trying to get some of his massively shedding hair out so he can be more comfortable. He's got cowlicks everywhere from all the hair trying to shed out and the new hair coming in underneath. Poor guy gets sweaty if he does anything more than just standing around right now.
He's come a long way since he and I found each other almost 4 years ago now. We are nowhere near where I would like to be, but we've both made a lot of progress. He is overall calmer than he used to be at 6 years old, and has gained maturity in that length of time, though he still has his moments now and then, but he wouldn't be himself without a little spice now and then!