12.05.28:AT Lesson: An Hour for One

We arranged a lesson to get back to the Alexander work. Unfortunately, Jim ended up not feeling well and so I went for the hour lesson by myself. It was nice to be able to focus completely for that long, and it felt really good to get back into it. We discussed some of the insights I had recently dealing with and finding ways to feel the changes and shifts for the better. She helped me to find my balance again, and release the tension that I carry so much. She worked with my on the table for a while, and encouraged me to find the time to invest in constructive rest every day, even if it is only 10 minutes. I was able to find more ease of movement when I finally got up off the table. We discussed maintaining the space within my ribs and through my back. When I could maintain wide vision and soft eyes, rather than hard concentrating eyes, I was able to maintain that freedom of movement a lot easier than when I got too lost in thinking rather than feeling. We discussed ways to try to find the release and freedom of movement throughout the day. Pausing is one of the big keys that I need to work on remembering. I shared with her the work that we did during Susan's clinic, and she was able to help me expand on that off the horse. I told her about the sitting disc that Susan had, and she felt that would be really beneficial to me to keep me comfortable. I discovered that one of my major struggles with posture is that sitting correctly on my sit bones is painful, and so my body attempts to find a way to escape, and thus my posture goes out the window. Using the sitting disc I should be able to stay comfortable for longer and develop better habits. Now I have several projects to work on until the next lesson!
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