12.10.04: Second Verse, Same as the First

I had a little time after I got home from work and headed out to grab Storm for some work. It was mostly a repeat of the previous work and ride. He is still struggling with the canter, and was cross-firing a lot, and had trouble picking up the canter to the right. It was a little smoother to the left, but not by much. It took a LOT of work to get him into the canter. He was trotting fairly well for the most part, though working up the canter things got a bit messy, and didn't look as good. I was also having to work around the cavaletti that were left out in the arena and a few times the rope got caught on the edge of the cavaletti and so Storm had to stop until I could flip the rope over the rail so he could go forward again. I let him have three or four transitions each to the left and right before I slowed him down and let him walk out for a little while before mounting up.
He wasn't as accomodating as I would have liked when I asked him to allow me to mount, and I had to ask him to turn and come back again before I could climb into the saddle. We stood for a moment while I organized my space and bubble and then walked off to the left. He was doing alright to the left, but began to get a little squirrely as we worked. The feed tubs were being dumped in the barn which meant dinner time and he wasn't there, someone was calling horses and moving around by south pasture, and there was something moving around in the woods behind the arena. We managed ok, but he was getting a little too up now and then and I had to work to really keep him focused on the task at hand. 
We simply worked at the walk and didn't explore the trot since he was a little more up than I would have liked at that time. He was putting a lot of effort in, and I was getting good results, but the overall quality of the session wasn't the same as what we had in some of our previous rides. Hopefully I'll be able to get a ride in this weekend again. This Thursday afternoon thing does seem to work out ok, I might have to make this a routine.