13.03.03: Straightened Out

Its been a long cold and wet few months since I've had any update. Our progress has stalled over the winter, mostly due to the fact that Kirsten has not made the trip north for January or February due to the threat of bad weather (that mostly didn't pan out in either case, much to our frustration). Winter is just not a fun time to be diligently working with the horses. It was my turn to hold the horses for the farrier on I swear the coldest day of winter. I had so many clothes on and hand warmers in my pockets I looked like the abominable snowman. I went to fetch Storm and he behaved himself until the farrier was done, and then got a little spooky heading out of the barn. I managed to get him into the pasture and was very careful to turn him around to let him go, and once the halter dropped off his head, he spun and gave two small bucks in place (mostly just up of his hind end, not out with the back feet, thankfully!) and then scrambled down the hill to go nose over the fence with the girls (in heat) on the other side. I was a bit displeased, but not surprised at his behavior.
Finally a week or so later I got a chance to get him out and groom him in the warm afternoon sun, and he again acted spookier than he really should have. I managed to get him calm again, and the temptation of the meager dry winter grass was more appetizing so he was content to graze while I groomed him and left a huge swath of white hair in our wake.
Jeffra finally returned to the area the first weekend in March, and I was relieved to have her guidance and check on Storm to make sure that he was doing ok and nothing was out of sorts. When he is unbalanced somewhere he becomes either spooky or lethargic, so I figured something was up. I got him out of the pasture, and he did fine for the most part. I brought him into the barn, and stopped him behind Julius who was on the other end of the barn from his stall. I left Storm standing in the barn aisle while I went to get a shedding blade so I could try to clean him up a little bit for Jeffra. He stood stock still the whole time and waited for me. I returned to him, and tried to get some of the hair off of him. There was so much hair that it didn't look like I'd hardly done anything to him, but the floor was covered. I was upset when the breeze started to roll the hair away down the barn aisle, and got the broom and began sweeping up. Storm remained standing still by himself while I took care of the hair and put away the tools. I stood with him waiting while Jeffra finished up her work with Julius, and Craig arrived back in the barn with Blu and suddenly Storm got all worried about what was happening behind him. I corrected him and he calmed down again, before Jeffra came and got started. She found that he had some issues with his poll, and got that straightened out, and then did a bladder sweep to help bring the energy back to his hind end again so that he would not be as spooky with things behind him. We'll have to see if it helps.
Kirsten is returning next weekend and the weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend, so I hope that we'll be able to turn loose a little bit and he can kick up his heels some. He sure would appreciate it!