13.05.16: Straight from the Horse's Mouth

I'm well aware that what I'm about to write is controversial and often unaccepted by most people. I won't apologize for that, this is a part of our journey, and deserves record here as much as every other mundane detail of the journey of Storm and I together.
I began feeling a greater need to investigate Storm and find out a little more about his old soul history, as well as hopefully gain a little better understanding between he and I. When I mentioned it to Jeffra, she mentioned that she was friends with Joan Ranquet and recommended that I get in touch with her. I explored her website and found that it only peaked my curiosity (she swims and communicates with Dolphins!). I sent her a message, and she got back to me very quickly suggesting that we do a half hour phone call to start with. Happily, our schedules were both free a day or so later, and so I headed out to the pasture when I got home and gave her a call.
She asked a few simple questions about Storm, and checked in to find out what my goals were for the conversation, and with the photo I sent her, she reached out to Storm. He was grazing in the pasture, moving about a bit and swishing the bugs, which have gotten irritating very quickly this season. She was quiet for what seemed like an eternity, though I wasn't really surprised and figured Storm probably had a lot to tell her. When she spoke, there was a smile in her voice, and she asked what kind of riding I did with him, and commented that he seemed to be able to display a huge amount of strength and vulnerability all in the same moment, and seemed to be very dolphin-like in his energy. I smiled and thought that it made sense, especially since our riding has been so focused on being light and balanced. She went on to say that he told her that he thought he was a very funny guy, and he liked to make people laugh. She asked me if I had ever put anything in his mane, and I said that I hadn't, so she guessed that at some time someone had braided something into his mane, and he really liked it. She said he would probably like wearing hats, too, and liked that kind of fun thing. He told her he was also a nudge, and that sometimes the other horses didn't like it very much. I laughed and told her about the "Storm Exercise Program" when he would just walk another horse around and simply move them just because he could. He seemed to be quite proud of who he was and proud to tell her all about himself.
We went on to talk more about the challenges that I have with him, and my concern for my own safety and how scared it makes me when he gets upset. The conversation wound its way all the way back to my childhood and the surgeries that I had so many years ago and we found the root of the fear actually lay in fact that I have a very big problem feeling out of control and afraid for my safety. It triggers the fears from my childhood experiences hits a point in me which brings up a much greater level of fear than is rational for the given situation. This causes Storm to also over react due to picking up on all the gut signals that I'm throwing off in the moment. She offered that she was beginning to explore EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, working with animals and their owners, and offered to do three sessions with me if I would write a testimonial for her. I told her I would be thrilled to do so as EFT was something that I had been interested in but hadn't yet found anyone to explore it with. Since she had time, we did the first session right away.
She had me go through a series of tapping motions on my face, and repeat a series of words after her. We walked through the whole scenario of being afraid and being scared, all the way down to the root cause, and acknowledged and gave permission not only to feel that way, but that I still love myself, and still love Storm even in those moments. It was a powerful and interesting experience. About half way through, the horses got excited about something and all began to run around, with several of them heading towards me. I was able to wave them off and continue, but decided I should stand up, and made sure that they stayed out of my space. We completed the session, and set up a time for the next session next Wednesday. This weekend will be a good starter test because there is a lot going on the farm, the Bowmen are having their annual event, and there will be a lot of chaos. We'll see how the results are, and what comes next!