13.05.22: EFT Round 2

Wednesday found it breezier than the previous week when I made my call to Joan for the second of three EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) calls. I found the horses grazing in the second pasture, and found a fence post in the shade to sit on. As I started the call, the horses came over to me curiously, with Piper even eating the grass at the base of the post I was sitting on. As I began recounting my week to Joan, including the fact that I found out the day before that my position was being eliminated at the end of the month, they began to drift towards the chute. Eventually they all cantered through the chute together and so I climbed down and headed into the back pasture. It was windier there, so I ended up standing in the shelter of a tree in the pasture, which just felt like the right place to be. 
Joan and I had a conversation about life and the job, and which direction I'll go next. She also asked me how I felt in regards to the situation when Storm got upset before I turned him out, and how I felt in comparison to how I might have felt about it prior to the first session last week. I told her that I thought I felt about the same, but she encouraged me to not be too judgmental and set expectations in a position where they were unrealistic - i.e. have no fear or discomfort.
We began the second session and as we started Sado came over to share the shade with me to escape the bugs that were plaguing him. We stood together as she walked me through the sequence of statements, going deeper into the issues and bringing up the situation over the weekend as well. Somewhere in the middle the tears began to fall, and I just let them fall, knowing that the release was important as well. The focus wrapped up with loving and accepting myself regardless of the fear. I have trouble remembering all the statements, but it was very affirming, and very much grounded in the reality of the situation. 
She left me with the instruction to draw 2 cards from my deck - one for myself and one for Storm, and see what comes up. I have the workshop this weekend, so that will be a test of skills to see how I'm doing.