13.05.29: Final EFT Session

Much to my frustration, I didn't get to ride Storm over the long weekend. My lesson will just be what it is going to be at that point. I did however, have some interesting experiences over the weekend.
Saturday, I headed out to the pasture to fetch Storm, and was relieved to find that the herd was in the back corner of the second pasture, and not through the chute. Much to my disappointment as I headed down the hill, the whole herd meandered through the chute. I pleaded with Storm from a distance not to go through, but they all did anyway. When I got to him out in the back pasture, I noted that they had ALL gone through the chute calmly and willingly, without any of them raising a fuss. They CAN do it. So I told them that I had seen it, and now I know they CAN do it! I had a quiet talk with Storm as I put his halter on, and we prepared to walk back through the chute to get to the gate on the lane. I made one last comment to the herd that they were to remain there in the back pasture, and that Storm and I were leaving and no one needed to follow us before we turned and made our way to the chute. I was thrilled when he walked calmly all the way up the hill with me to the gate, and we made our way down to the round pen. I was a little nervous still, but not that bad since we didn't have all that far to go. I didn't feel any different, but Storm remained calm, and that was a really positive experience.
Sunday came around and I headed out to get him again and found the entire herd ALLLLL the way in the BACK of the pasture. He was so far back and over the edge of the hill that I couldn't even see him until I was less than 50 feet from him. I had a moment of worry in there where I wasn't sure where he was! How do you lose an 1900 lb horse?! I was a little defeated to find them so far away, knowing that there were two choices - either I drive them all in, and catch him in the first pasture, or I put his halter on there and take a chance and see what happens, knowing that the herd could run up behind us or that he could get spooky and worried about leaving the herd. I decided I just didn't feel like running the whole herd, so I put his halter on, and gave Winston the final request to keep the herd out there since Storm was leaving, and that was ok, and then told Storm we were leaving and that was ok.
We started the long trek back through the high grass, and the herd disappeared before we even got to the chute. He hesitated just before the chute, standing with his head up. I got a little worried and tugged on the lead rope reminding him that he knew how to calmly walk through and turned and he followed me. We made our way calmly through the chute and headed up the hill to the gate out of pasture two into the lane. I was still so nervous and concerned that he was going to blow, that I still felt amped up. But he remained calm, and I was so pleased with him.
After recounting all of this to Joan, I told her about the archetypes that Heather set me up with, and we discussed which aspects I felt were most prominent in my life. I told her that I had a really hard time choosing because they all seem to be there in some shape or form. Sometimes more strongly than others, but each one of them was a very big part of me. We talked a little about what they meant to me and how they manifested in my life. I then began to explain the cards that I drew for myself and Storm. The card I pulled for myself was the Horse Ancestors card, and the card I drew for Storm was the Twins card. 
The Horse Ancestors card is a very 'heavy' and powerful card. It relates that all beings are connected, not only in the present, but also in the past. The wisdom of the past is still accessible to the current generations if they choose to tune into it. Like a phone set to respond when a specific number is dialed somewhere else, we can still access the information that is available to us if we only know how to dial in. Linda Kohnaov recounts that horses that have been wild for generations and pulled off the range as adults are still far easier to train than zebras hand raised from babies. The comparison is an interesting one, even horses that have had no interaction with humans are still fairly easily trained as adults, even when their sires and dams were wild, and their sires and dams were wild. Linda also related several stories of related horses that she had (sires and their colts) where situations happened in training where the sire or colt were kept acres apart but yet when one or the other was affected by training, the other would change as well. The world of possibility this opens up for us is immense and full of potential for expansion, growth, and wisdom. 
Storm's card was the card about the Twins, recounting the miraculous birth of the pair of Twins from Linda's first mare, Rasa. Interestingly, the larger twin was still born, and the smaller twin was live. He was alive, but barely hanging on, and had to be hand raised with round the clock care for the first 10 weeks of his tiny life. She recounts the surreal nature of having horse twins in the first place, and also the oddity of losing the larger twin, and saving the smaller one. After this unusual event, she did a lot of research into the twin archetype, and discovered that most stories of twins depict male twins, and they often have a connection to horses in some form or another. In most of the stories, one twin becomes a link to the other-world while the other remains present, so it represents a link between this world and the next. Storm himself is full of opposites, from his tremendous strength and amazing vulnerability that can be displayed almost simultaneously  to the strange half black half white face that he has. The fact that one twin represents the connection to the other world struck me as a connection to the Ancestral Wisdom that is present and available. The potential for Storm to help me access that wisdom with more ease and find out what our story is together did not escape me. I'm grateful for the cards for the opportunity for more clarity.
Joan digested all of this information and then we got set to begin working with the EFT. She worked me through a course of struggle, recognizing that even in the struggle, I still love and accept myself. She also brought me through to the fact that Storm is a soul mate of mine, and "a girl can have more than one soul mate" and mine just happens to be a magnificent horse. The EFT process is so thorough, and happens so quickly, I can barely recount it when finished, it seems to be but a fleeting dream. I always feel better, if not a little dazed when I'm finished. I hung onto one thing that she drew me through - if I can tap into the fear of the ancestral collective wisdom, then the power to tap into the good parts, the joy and the knowledge that is contained there in, is also completely possible. The potential contained in that statement is profound and mind boggling. But it rings deeply true. Now to find the key to unlock the wisdom of the positive, and close the door on the negative.