13.06.20: Slowly Onward and Upward

I did sneak a ride in last week that I didn't write about, mostly because it wasn't anything spectacular that I did. Storm actually challenged me a lot and I felt like I was having to work super hard to try to get him off my leg and shifted back onto his hind legs! I didn't ride for long either because Holly had time that day, and so I let her ride him. And as I expected, he did SPECTACULAR with her on board. And of course, NEITHER of us had our phones to take some video! If she hadn't gotten sick this week, we would have ridden this week, but we'll get a ride in early next week instead.
So I got him out today to do some more riding and a little bit of trailer practice. I didn't want to get to the point where he became sour on working on the trailer. I cleaned him up, what little he needed, and then we headed to the arena. I started with some reminding him about his right hind leg, and then climbed on board and rode to the right for a while. He did fairly well, though I was still having to go back to bending in order to get him to balance, but he was improving. As we worked he became smoother, and easier to keep in balance. It began to be a quick game of how fast can I get him back in balance when he slips onto the forehand again. He was responding well, but it was taking a lot of leg and a lot of work to keep him there. We worked until it became more consistent, and got easier to keep getting him back into balance and he was able to hold it for longer. He is still down behind the bit most of the time, but I'm still not too concerned about it.
We switched to the left, and I had to start all over again. It went faster than it did to the right, but I still started out needing to make some pretty big corrections and bend him to get him to shift his weight back and find the release in the front. We worked until it became softer and steadier again, which did not take him as long to the left as it did to the right. I was please with his efforts and progress, so we called it a day.
I took him back up to the barn and untacked and hosed him off to get the sweat out of his coat, and then took him to the trailer. He was going in very willingly, and easily, he just isn't staying in for all that long. I'm hoping that with someone in front of him he'll have something more interesting to focus on so he'll stand and not be upset about anything. At this point without someone else's help it will be challenging to practice much further with the trailer. If Holly has enough time early next week I think maybe I'll give it a go with her and see what happens.
Lesson this weekend, then a ride with Holly, and then Friday is travel day!
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