13.07.19: A New Chapter

The adventure of moving horses and house all at once has been overwhelming. Today is 3 weeks since the horses moved, and things are finally settling into a routine. The landlord, Harold, has done a wonderful job of updating and upgrading several things to make life easier, and the horses are finally settling in to a point where they know the routine and what is expected of them.
Due to the moving chaos to organizing a barn from scratch, I have only had the time to get Storm out of the pasture once. We managed to get through the barn and out the second door and to the edge of the barn yard before he became pretty concerned. It was a start.

Today I finally had the time to spend a little more time working with him. It was hot again today, so I had originally planned to hose him off and put him in his stall through the heat of the day. When I came to get him, I found him grazing instead of hiding in the run in shed, and realized that there was a steady breeze blowing and decided that his stall would be warmer than the moving aid outside the barn. I hosed him off as planned, and then spent some time working with him to get him used to the area a little better. We made slow but steady progress.

This time he was much more confident getting to the edge of the barn yard, and we were able to walk around the parking area and make a few laps. They were slow laps with lots of stopping and looking at things calmly. He spooked once as we stood between some trees, but recovered himself quickly and we were able to continue on with our walk in circles. We made little laps of the parking area, visiting the well hydrant, Ed’s Jeep, and the pathway to the round pen, always coming back to places of comfort. I was proud of him for how well he managed his own emotions, and look forward to being able to explore a little further each time. I was relieved that he was comfortable enough in the parking area since we’ll be trailer loading tomorrow evening to head back to Graham for our lesson.

The next adventure begins…

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