13.11.05: Work, Work, Work

Its been too long since I updated my blog, and now I’m catching up. Things have been beginning to settle into a bit of a routine. With the horses all gaining weight despite there being nothing left in the pasture, the need to begin working them all on a more consistent basis became a lot more pressing.

Storm and Sterling have become great buddies, and so they have gotten to work together several times. Storm’s huge trot would make Sterling hold a collected canter behind him to keep up comfortably. The two of them had a grand time cavorting around and being silly the first several sessions. Unfortunately the shenanigans made Sterling go lame the first session and Storm tweaked himself pretty badly as well. They seem to live and learn.

Storm and Belle worked nicely together for a few sessions as well. Belle would wear out much faster than Storm, and so connecting with Belle in the center of the circle while Storm continued to work around the outside was a very unique experience. He just continued to do his job.

The weather turned cold very quickly, with a week of temps dipping into the mid-30’s at night. The horses all went crazy from the weather change and put on some of the worst behavior that I’ve seen since we moved here. There was no way that I could comfortably and safely work them, especially since I am alone all the time. So the horses and I hung in there by a thread, managing to safely get everybody fed and in and out of the barn without too many incidents. Ed was great to give me a break over the weekend so that I didn’t have to deal with them for a few days because the stress of handling them when they were misbehaving was really getting to me.

We resumed work again once the weather settled down, and have managed to be somewhat productive again. Today everyone got worked by themselves on the lunge line. Since I knew Storm was pretty antsy, I added the balance bands for him. He seemed to be itching to work, but wasn’t calm about it at all when we finally got to work. He didn’t seem all that connected, and he did his best to cavort blow off some steam despite the balance bands. He never fully seemed to relax, but he did do a good job of managing himself. When we finished I took off the bands and asked him to walk some more just to make sure that he didn’t really have much steam left in him. When he remained calm, we returned to the pasture. I was pleased that he didn’t bolt away from me, but Belle and Sterling were right there, so I think he had less incentive to leave. He did spin and trot away, and hurried to find a good spot to roll since he was a bit sweaty. His little gray shadow, Sterling, had to find a spot to roll right after him, which was so sweet.

So things have been progressing, despite a lack of updates. I need to get back into the habit of making sure to document everything as it happens. Catching up is not easy!

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