14.05.04: Keep on Truckin

The first truly beautiful weekend had finally arrived. And I was suffering from allergies. Argh! The weather was too nice not to enjoy it, and so I headed out and grabbed Storm for a little round pen time. He seemed happy to work, and settled into the hand walking in the round pen pretty easily. I could still feel that he was a bit tense, so we spent a lot of time walking waiting for him to find the calmness again. It took him quite a while before he began to really lick and chew and breath again. Once he settled a bit, I changed directions, and was pleased to get a nice long lick and chew out of him. We worked to the left for a while again before he finally settled once more.
I transitioned to having him work more on the line at a distance. He fell into a nice rhythm and began to maintain his level of calm. I was pleased with his progress and happy that we didn't regress at all. There were distractions happening, someone leaving in their car, a few other people riding down in the ring, so his attention would waiver, but he was coming back to me easily and willingly, and finding calm again. I decided that we would only work on the line since there were so many distractions, and really put the effort into doing well at the walk on the line. He settled in and kept his head low and began to find some steadiness in his walk. We spent over an hour working, which was good for his movement and his mental state. I was happy to turn him back out in the pasture calmer than I got him, which says a lot! It wasn't an eventful session, but sometimes those are the best and make the most progress!

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