14.11.06: For Comparison Sake

Thanks to Ashleigh for her help in getting updated photographs of Storm. Its been a long time since I've taken clear shots, and with the issues with his bit/bridle, it is time to take another look.

This image at first glance doesn't appear much different. He still seems to be slightly over on his front legs, indicating that he has more weight on his forehand than his hindquarter. His hind end appears slightly less rounded than it did in 2011. The biggest difference is in his neck. His mane flips over in the middle, but instead of laying down nicely like it used to in the 2011 picture, it has a funny little cow lick that is standing up. That is indicative of excess tension in his neck, pulling upwards causing the hair to stand up funny. His neck also seems bulkier at the point where his mane stands up, and overall shorter than in 2011. It also appears that his back is slightly dropped in these images compared to the previous set. Overall he still has good muscling, but due to the compensation and tension patterns that he developed with the bit that I had he has lost a little bit of the quality that he did have.

The images from the front aren't as clear as some of the others. He would not stand square, so we weren't able to get a really strong image.

The positive thing to note from behind is that his hindquarters have filled out just a bit. Instead of being able to see his belly sticking out past his hind quarters, now his hindquarters have filled in. There is probably still more room for improvement, but it is a positive change. He also appears to be very straight and level. His hind legs are still set very narrow, but hopefully that will continue to change.
Its also interesting to note that since I got him in 2008 he is completely gray/flea bitten now. He has almost no traces of the original dark dapple markings that he had when I got him at 6 years old.
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