14.11.11: More Work

We finally had a chance to get in a little more work. I have been lucky enough to be given two bridles and a variety of bits to try with Storm. Unfortunately the first one that I cleaned up didn't fit at all. It was about two sizes too small! So I haven't gotten a chance to test any of the bits, Kirsten will be back this weekend so hopefully we'll get him sorted out and on a track to get back to work.
Since I couldn't use the bridle I was hoping to work with, I took him back to the round pen with nothing but the halter again. He is getting lighter, though I can tell that working in the halter is keeping him on the forehand. He stumbles frequently and doesn't really find his balance. He was fairly spooky, which was mildly frustrating. I suspect that once I'm able to get his weight shifted onto his hind end again that will settle back down. He is lighter than he has been on the long reins in the halter though so that is some improvement. Going to the left, he tipped his neck to the outside of the circle, but was traveling bent, with his hindquarters to the inside of the circle. He did this on one side of the circle only for several laps, and then suddenly blew and licked and chewed pretty good. It seems that something that was stuck was finally able to release. I have also noticed that his back is moving in a big way, all the muscles all the way down are moving which is great. I'm thrilled that he's able to let go and get everything moving and working.
Now we just have to get back on track with a bridle and bit and we'll be good to go!