14.12.05: A Little Bit More

Between the rain, mud and my work schedule I haven't gotten much time to work with Storm. We finally had a clear day that wasn't too cold or too muddy, and so we got to work. He was quite lovely and calm, which made me happy.
We set to work with the long reins on the bridle, and started out going to the right. He wanted to go right away, so I let him move out at the trot, especially since he was tucking behind. I continued to push him forward until he settled down and was able to lengthen his neck again. He was working hard, and really struggling to keep from tucking behind. Every time he started to tuck behind I asked him to move out. Sometimes I would get laps at the trot, and an occasional canter, sometimes he would step out and reorganize his balance without needing to go to the trot. It seems that he is stretching more outward with his neck than he has in the past. He was blowing and breathing after a while, which was really great. I managed to take a video of him moving in each direction, though the video is really difficult to follow because I was walking in one direction while facing in another direction while attempting to hold the reins with one hand and the video with the other.... Tricky!!
(can't get the videos to load... I'll have to work on that!)
Moving to the left, he was able to work and stretch, again. He didn't want to trot as much, but that could be because he was a bit tired (I was a bit tired!) from going to the right. He had some good stretches and some good blowing and breathing at a few points that seemed to loosen him up again.

After we finished I took him back into the barn to spray his feet down and groom him for a bit. I groomed his left side, and then switched to his right side and started at his withers. When I started to rub, he twitched as if he were spooking, but it was almost like there was an electric shock that went through him. It startled me, and then when I resumed grooming he started to make all sorts of faces. I guess that somehow the grooming released something that was going on in his right shoulder/wither area. As I worked along his top line he practically wrapped his neck around me, and then I worked down the line of his shoulder and he twisted his head away, working back and forth as I rubbed as hard as I could with the curry. I was surprised, and wasn't really sure what happened, but took it as a good sign!