2015.05.30: Work into Focus

All these new techniques are challenging to learn and adapt to leading to a bit of a blind leading the blind kind of feeling. I checked in with Kirsten, and she helped to set me up a little clearer. Since Storm was a bit up, and still struggling through his behavior, she suggested that we really work it out to help him find his balance as well as burn that excess energy out of him. So any time his focus wavered and he became worried about something, he got to move off and canter. It was a perfect day for that because there were plenty of distractions... the wind, the cat, the car driving by, the lawn guys weed whacking across the farm at Harold's, the wind, someone walking by, the wind, you know, the usual. So he got pushed into the canter frequently, until he finally decided that wasn't much fun anymore, and he would rather just do what was being asked. He began to focus and get really internal about his movements, slowing down to an extremely slow pace. Kirsten pointed out that it was at that speed that he was able to actually start examining his own balance and finding a better way of moving. It seemed excruciatingly slow, but I could see how hard he was working. He worked and cooled off a bit at that speed for a while. He thought about spooking once, but the thought never reached his body before he changed his mind and decided it was just better to keep doing what he was doing.
We changed directions and he found a bit more energy in the other direction, but settled much faster since he was already a bit tired. I was pleased with his effort, and his willingness to both move out and also to calm down faster. He worked on his balance for a bit longer in this direction before we had to call it a day.
I was pleased that despite the heat, he had done very well with his breathing and he was sweating some on his own. This was one of the first days that was really warm that we had worked fairly hard.
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