2015.11.22: Long Time Coming

I cannot believe the end of the year is here already. We've struggled, and I've obviously been remiss in keeping up with our challenges. We've hit a lot of ruts this year and have not been able to make much forward progress. We had several good lessons actually riding in the arena. Sitting up on his back felt so good again. Like home. Settling into the saddle for the first time in almost a year the thought struck me, "This one is mine." It was very comforting.
As the weather shifted and got colder, he got a little crazier, and we really hit a rut. Kirsten brought new techniques with her and that challenged my adaptability as much as Storm's skill level. I had a very hard time learning the nuances of the Decarpentry lunging methods. It takes a great deal of feel to balance the timing of knowing when and how to move. The great many options of how to respond made the long reins look like a cake walk. That's saying something! Knowing when and how to use the straight lines versus circles combined with how much feel to have on the line coupled with when to push him to become more active from the hind end make it a mind numbing experience trying to get it right. Several lessons were spent close to tears as I struggled to grasp the concepts and apply them effectively to get the desired result. Storm put up with my struggles as much as I put up with his fits and starts and spooks and worried stances.
We had a few work sessions in between the weather and growing cold. I did get to ride a few more times, nothing super long, but at least I was able to put a few more minutes in the saddle.
We both have survived, and I guess that's what counts. Here's to another year under our belt and to moving onward and upward.
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