2016.04.27: Back At It

The evening was cool and clear, without much wind so I was able to get back out and work Storm. I was pleasantly surprised when he came across the pasture to me, and we walked right into the barn yard and got tacked up with almost no fuss.

I decided to go to the right first this time to see how it might differ from our work on Saturday. He needed the trot for support, but was finding his balance fairly quickly. He got stuck for a while with his nose out, so we did lots of small circles at the trot. Eventually he was able to shift his weight, and then began switching rapidly between having his nose tucked behind and having his nose stuck out in front. It was really tricky for me to navigate circles, lines, and not trip on any grass or poop piles in the paddock.

He put a lot of effort into the work, and eventually slowed down so that I didn’t have to push him into the trot in order to help him find his balance. He began to be able to maintain his balance down the slight slop in the paddock without reverting into pacing rather than simply walking.

We switched to the left, and he wanted to fall into the circle, and also wanted to bend his neck and throw his shoulder around to avoid balancing. I had to push him into a canter to actually break the pattern and get him to work on finding his balance. He didn’t need to stay at the faster speed for long which was a good thing since I was getting dizzy pretty quickly! He was struggling a little more to the left it seemed, but was not as stuck in one pattern as he had been on the right.
We worked until things smoothed out a bit, and then stopped for the evening. It was a really positive session with a lot of effort on his part, even if it wasn’t a very long workout. I untacked him and let him follow me back into the barn yard before turning him out again.

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