2016.06.26: Trot Transitions

Since I have a helper doing chores in the barn for the summer, I took a little extra time to work Storm in the hope that I could allow Sean to get a little time working with him, too. I took him out again after he finished breakfast, and we got right back to work. I started again on the right to see if the pattern was the same, and found much of what I had yesterday. He was willing to work, but not without a little of a temper tantrum to work out first. I encouraged him to go, and felt much more confident floating with him, even when he got moving a little faster. He worked through that, and then began to get down to work. He needed a lot of trotting, and voluntarily picked up the trot several times himself. I worked him to smaller circles, and kept trying to find an answer to keep him from getting stuck. He was improved over yesterday's lesson, which was a good feeling. The fact that he was willing to go into a trot and willing to find the balance himself was encouraging. He still gets stuck behind a little too much and I am still trying to find the right combination to things to do to get him rebalanced again, but we are making progress!
We changed to the left, and found the same result. Again, he was voluntarily picking up the trot to find his balance, but was much improved over working to the right. I don't know if it is really better to put the more challenging direction first, or not. That will be an experiment for the next session. We worked until he decided he was done, and then called it quits. I couldn't keep him going anymore, and as soon as I would lose my focus just a little bit, he would stop completely. I was rather amused, and finally obliged.
By that time Sean was finishing the sweeping, so it was a good time to stop. I untacked Storm, and left him standing in the barn yard without a halter on at all. He stood there waiting patiently for several minutes. We collected everything to hose him off, and I hosed the first side, and then let Sean hose the other side. We all got pretty wet. About the time we finished hosing, the neighbor walked something out to their shed, and Scooter and Simon got all fired up and were running around the pasture. Storm got really concerned, so I did what we needed to do to finish taking care of him, and then turned him out. It wasn't exactly according to plan, but we got done what we needed to get done. Hopefully the next session will end on a better note.
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