2016.11.05: And One Step Back

Since the final lesson of the year was only two weeks after the October lesson and the schedule was (once again) crazy, I didn't have time to work Storm in between the lessons. I still appreciate the time, and since it was only two weeks since the lesson before, I didn't think it would be a big deal. After the rock star that he was at our previous lesson I hoped for more of the same, and even got out my saddle in the hope that maybe he would be quiet enough to ride.
The morning started out a little off when Erin loaded Scooter to head to Florida for training with Kirsten over the winter. It took them over two hours to get him into the trailer, and when they finally did the truck wouldn't start! I had to grab my jumper cables to help get her going, and then they were finally off. I was a little thrown off by the extra chaos, and was late getting the lesson started. Simon and Storm weren't settled either, seeming to pick up on the chaotic energy that had already begun the day. I finally took Storm to the round pen while Simon finished eating (of course he quit eating as son as I led Storm out of the barn), and handed him off to Kirsten to hold while I went to get Simon and put him out. She was on the phone with another client crisis (seems to be a theme...) and Storm almost smushed her when he spooked going into the round pen because a utility trailer was sitting next to the round pen that hadn't been there before. I finally got him turned around and she took him and I ran back in the barn to turn out Simon.
I got back to the round pen and got Storm set up to work on the lunging. He was antsy and spooky, and he a had time really settling in to the work. Kirsten counseled me on how I need to work more consistently, and on the fact that often when a horse starts to develop their balance (as he did at the last lesson two weeks ago) that they suddenly find their power - and that can make them spooky/reactive. Suddenly they discover how powerful they are, and it scares them. They aren't sure how to control it or what to do with it and that makes them nervous.
He never completely settled in the hour that we worked, always spooking and dancing at something. He needed to go all the way to canter many times in order to find the correct coordination to balance. We never did go to the left, we only worked to the right for the whole hour since he was still working hard but never let go. If we had more time I think we could have changed directions, but since the left is usually the side he needs more speed to find his balance it was just as well that we didn't.
This was one of the days that is frustrating with horses. Grand plans based upon the last session when he did so beautifully and was totally a ride-able horse, and yet this time everything is almost the complete opposite. I'm grateful that my instructor was there to keep me sane through it, and let me know that to a degree this was part of Storm's process that he needs to go to in order to find balance. I know that the chaos/crisis of the morning didn't help, but at least she also sees the layers and ebb and flow in the work that she can assure me is totally normal. Sometimes it has to all fall apart before it can come together.
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