2016.12.27: Rare Golden Day

And again, it's been a month plus since we worked. Time seems to escape me, and I don't know where it goes! (Actually I do, a lot of it goes to feeding ponies...)
Colleen nudged me to come enjoy the rare 61 degree winter day with warm sun and get Storm out to play. She took a jaunt around the farm while I worked him in the round pen. To my pleasure it was a rare perfect day. These are the days I'd like more of. These are the days that make it all worth while.
He was nice and calm, and I quickly threw the surcingle on him and we headed to the round pen to get a little work in the late afternoon sun. He was nice and calm, likely feeling warm in his winter woolies, and we got right down to work. He seemed to respond well to the decarpentry again, though I'll have to write Kirsten a note because he seemed to have his head stuck up in the air with his nose out a bit more than I would have liked. We worked to the right to begin with, and he settled in, but did not seem to be doing much experimenting. He did need the trot several times, and a canter once in a while to find a little more balance. He even spooked at his shadow three different times because the sun was so low and his shadow was so long. That was mostly amusing since all he did was startle at it.
I decided to try another setup with the lunging, and created the curb across his chin to see if that would help pull his nose in a bit more and help him find a better position. I don't think it made much of a difference, but then I'm not sure I had it set up correctly anyway.
We switched to the left, and I saw the same pattern that he's always had - he still needed more momentum to make changes, and was falling into the circle to the left. We worked for a bit, and then finally called it quits as the sun was almost gone, and I had more chores to do still. I let him graze for a while and attempted to remove some of the dirt while he ate. I don't think it really helped much.
He got to wear his fancy new Christmas present the next day, too. I finally found a company that has a rain sheet big enough for him. It comes in 92! It fits him well, and kept him nice and dry despite the cold rain falling.
While we haven't made much progress this year, we've found some better resources that Storm and I both are still figuring out. Here's to another year of moving onward and upward, one step at a time.
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