17.02.06: Fun in the Sun

A rare treat in February in Maryland is 50+ degree weather and sun with very little wind! And on my birthday no less! I took off out of the office early to make sure I could take advantage of it!
I raced home, and headed out in the glorious weather to spend some time with Storm. Since it was so warm, I figured he might be on the mellow side, so I got my saddle and everything ready just to be prepared if he felt ride-able. I was really looking forward to exploring some of the things we've worked on in the Alexander Technique workshops with Deb through the winter months.
We got organized and ready to work, and Storm was a little nervous. It took him a while to get out of the barn yard, and then he was pretty antsy to go once we got into the round pen. I set him up going to the right with the usual decarpentry lunging arrangement, and we got to work. He needed quite a bit of trotting to make any shifts at all, and he was struggling to find balance. He was tucking behind, but mostly at the walk, so we used trot a lot. He was a little on the spooky side, but was managing himself pretty well. When he finally seemed like he couldn't stay organized any longer, we switched to the other side.
Going to the left, he was falling into the circle more, which is his usual pattern. We did a little more trot work and then settled down to cool out some since he was getting a little sweaty in the warm afternoon sun. He was responding well, and I felt like it was a good chance to get up on him. Since there were a few other people around, I decided to go ahead and tack up and climb on.
It didn't take long for him to bring me the saddle, and so I climbed up. He wanted to walk more than I wanted to walk, and he was tucking behind a lot, so we had some control issues. He was also a little more nervous again, probably feeling my energy, so we did a few laps, and then I slid down again. I wasn't completely dressed to ride, anyway, so I wouldn't have been comfortable for long. It was a good accomplishment, and a stretch for both of us, but we were successful, and that's what counts.
I climbed down, and took him back to the barn to untack again. We headed out to the field to watch some friends ride and hang out for a bit while he grazed and continued to enjoy the great weather.
For getting back into the grind it was a great day.

Here's to spending more time with my pony in 2017!