17.02.07: Terrible Two

They call them terrible twos, so that's what we're going to go with. I was excited to have another chance to work Storm in the beautiful weather. Storm must have had other ideas.
He came along willingly, but even as I brought him into the barn to brush him up a bit and get the surcingle and bridle on, he was shaking, and looking wide eyed. We got to the round pen, but not without quite a bit of high headedness, and blowing along the way. I set him up, and off we went. He was spooky, and over reactive to almost everything I did. He also spent most of the time with his nose stuck out in front of him and his head way up in the air.
So we didn't make much progress on anything, and he was drenched by the time we were finished. Sweating is a good thing, though, so I didn't mind too much. The low overnight was still only 53, so I wasn't worried that he would get cold, either. It was prime time for him to burn out some energy. He startled at a deer that popped out of the woods, tail all flagged up, and that literally scared the poop out of Storm. He ran, and then he didn't want to circle back around. He almost spun on me and went the other way, but thankfully I was able to keep him going the same way so that the line didn't get twisted around him. I finally got him moving smoothly in a circle in the same direction again, and he still wanted to trot it out most of the way, despite breathing heavily. We finally got to a point where he was calm enough to stop, and so I wrapped things up.
I took him to the barn and untacked again, and then left him in the barn yard to graze and cool off. I had to grab a towel to dry him some because he was so wet from working so hard and not relaxing into the work. I dried him as much as I could and let him graze until he was cool again, and then turned him out to go roll it off.
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