2017.04.28: Work into Progress

Jeanne was due in again, and with a new horse shipping in I made a point to have some time to work Storm before all the excitement began. As we were tacking up, Jeanne pulled in, but wanted to eat her lunch first, so we went ahead and took a little time. It wasn't well organized, and he was a bit nervous with her car sitting there and her dog wanting to come say hello. But, we eventually made it to the round pen and settled into work. I was feeling a bit confused with the techniques, so I did what I could. I noticed that he was struggling to find balance, unlike the work that we had been doing. It was taking him longer to find a rhythm and to begin attempting to shift his weight. He was a bit flighty and nervous, but was still willing through all of that. Since we didn't have a whole lot of time, I decided it was better to just do a little work than to try to push it and go to the arena. So we stayed in the round pen and found a little more consistency and allowed him to settle.
I finished up since we were running out of time, and we went back to the barn yard to untack and be ready for his trim. We put him in the barn by himself in the cross ties, and he stood really nicely as we worked on him. I was pleased with his progress in behavior, and Jeanne was pleased with his progress on his feet. He is finally, after two years of her working on him and two more years of my work with Kirsten, beginning to show long term changes in his feet. His feet are losing some of the flair around the edges and are indicating that he's able to load the leg more upright and actually supporting his own weight. That's a big deal. And evidence of just how long and how patient you need to be to get long term changes in the body that show up in the feet.
We've certainly made a shift in things, and now we're ready for the next shift.
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