2017.06.24: All Play and No Work

All Play and No Work makes Storm an antsy boy...
I didn't get enough work time in since the last lesson, and Storm's behavior reflected it. He was a bit amped up, and the added benefit of the breeze only gave him fuel for the fire. He managed to contain himself for Kirsten while she worked with Lenore, but when it was my turn he just wasn't having it. Kirsten did tell me to ask him to trot, so that sort of opened up Pandora's box, which I knew was coming.
He decided that the wind in the trees was just too much and did everything he could to get away from it. She guided me through holding my ground and asking him to continue moving forward to doing what was doing while maintaining a very short line through all of it. The goal was to be able to walk along the fence in the hand walking position. Storm had other ideas. So we made very tiny very fast circles in the corner of the paddock until he finally decided it just wasn't worth the energy expenditure anymore. And then we made it 5 feet along the fence before he swerved off the fence and we had to resume very tiny circles again. Lather, rinse, repeat. Eventually we made it down the fence line and made it around the corner. Once we were further away from the trees he settled into the work and figured out all I was asking was to walk along the fence. We made it a while lap before coming back around to the place we began, next to the scary trees. We needed some more circles again before we could continue around for another lap.
We came back around and I asked Kirsten a few questions. It was about then that I realized that there was some sort of biting/stinging bug in the leg of my jeans. Being hot and sticky it didn't give me much room to try to get the bug out. Eventually I could tell it wasn't there anymore, but now I had that burning sensation on the back of my leg like I'd been stung. I handed Storm over to Kirsten and headed for the house to get some oils in the hope that I could get a little relief. The oils helped, though I already had a large (peach sized!) red mark starting on the back of my leg.
We continued our lesson, and made another lap around the paddock again before it was time to wrap things up. I untacked, and hosed him off before heading in to take a shower. The red spot was bigger, almost baseball sized, with two other small marks where whatever it was much have gotten me for a quick bite a few times. Very annoying, but thankfully I didn't have any worse reaction!
Now the mission is to make sure Storm gets worked a bit more often...
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