06.08.11: Getting Ready

The dining room was converted into the staging area for packing the boxes that needed to be shipped west ahead of me. My poor dining room disappeared! One large box, one medium box, and a pvc tube later, everything was packed. All of my gear was in, and everything that I could think of that the airport might not like was included in the boxes. My pile of things to take with my carry-ons was collected and set aside.

Saturday morning the tape closed the boxes tight and we headed to the UPS Store. 100 lbs total and $118.00 later, all three boxes were on their way west. The largest box with my saddle in it weighed in at exactly 70 lbs. When it was half full I decided it was probably a good idea to pack my towels and blankets in the rest of it... it’s a good thing I did! Unfortunately, the boxes will not arrive in Durango until Friday, two days after I get there. I will make do, though it means that now I need to find at least one more outfit to take with me! All of my clothes are packed!!

I've been super careful checking to be sure that everything in my carry-ons will pass through security. If push comes to shove, I can check the smaller carryon suitcase, though I hope that I do not have to go through that. I'd rather wait through security than have to wait for check baggage. Everything will be packed in Ziploc bags, and hopefully it will all be packed loosely so that it won't be difficult for security to see everything and go through it all. I'll be wearing no metal in my clothing, and my sandals will get put right onto the belt with everything else. Packing the carry-on items and getting my boarding pass is the last thing on the to-do list!Wednesday morning will come far too early. My flight leaves at 6:00 and I will be at the airport at 3:00 to be sure there is plenty of time to easily get through security. Thankfully my book and my knitting will be with me in hand!