06.08.19: Up Hills and Down

Yesterday morning started out lazy, which was so nice. I took pictures of the horses and came back up to see about loading them and it was then that I realized that I forgot to pack the cable that connects to the camera and the computer. So no pictures until Jim can mail me the cable, which should arrive sometime next week. By that time, I'm going have so many pictures it’s not going to be funny! They look pretty good on the little postage stamp sized screen though!

After I made my missing cable discovery, I decided to write some in one of my journals and work on my knitting for a while. I'll never get Christmas presents done in time if I don't work on it! I sat outside on the deck with the hummingbirds swirling around me and knitted and wrote for a long time. It was just such a delightful peaceful and relaxing time, I'm glad I took the time to do so.

Michelle called me to let me know what time she'd be home, and I grabbed lunch of chicken salad that she had ready which was really good. I sat outside eating, too. I got that cleaned up and gathered my stuff together to take with me on the ride and about that time she arrived home. She hurried to change and we grabbed the stuff we needed and then hurried out the door before it was too late.

She had never trailered with the new 2 horse trailer, and luckily it wasn't too difficult for her to hitch together. We were on the road so much faster than I expected to be. We were headed north to the Lake Haviland area and land owned by the BLM.

It didn't take all that long, even though the truck did not seem to like the new trailer that much. The views were beautiful as the road ran for some time along the Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. There was more evidence of burns and fires, and it was really interesting to study the areas and figure out how long ago it was that they burned. We arrived and tacked up easily. I was borrowing Ralph's saddle this time and had a reality check when I finally swung up as he doesn't have a nice tush-cush like Michelle does. We headed off into the trees through wide green meadows with tall Aspens and up hills with big rocks and large pine trees. The views were just breath taking. To be in the forests was just as neat as being able to have a wide vista that opened up to see the long line of mountains stringing their way north.

We wandered on for a long time, though it was amusing because Michelle wasn't always sure of which trail we were on. We turned
back only once after Winston chose a route that turned out to be a very little used trail. Once we got back to the split and took the other route she found familiar territory finally when we headed down a hill that I swear might as well have been vertical. I allowed Roscoe to choose his own way and he did a really good job despite some steep drops and loose rocks.

Taking the wrong direction ended up adding a while onto our ride, but it was still really enjoyable. There are only two really bad hills in the whole ride, and the second one comes at the very end. What I didn't know when we arrived and parked was that I would have to ride down the hill in front of me when we finished. It was a huge drop, though we made it down just fine.

We were back on the road pretty quickly after un-tacking and putting everything away. The horses will just step right into the trailer which is very nice. The drive home was much easier since it was mostly downhill. We passed the train returning from the day ride which was very fun to see. It’s a coal fired steam train and it has mostly open air cars.

We arrived home and had a minor moment of confusion when I couldn't figure out how to get the slant panel open in the trailer. The latch was an odd one. Funny thing is that Michelle couldn't remember either, so she went up to the house to get Ralph. Of course, before they got back down I figured it out, so I brought Roscoe out of the trailer and put him away. We gave them their feed for the evening and hung out for a while with the horses. I got some pictures of Angel's pretty blue eyes while she had her head stuck in the feed trough.

We headed up to the house finally to have a wonderful dinner of ziti that Michelle put together the night before. It seems that we always end up eating our salad and bread before the main part of dinner is ready, but it makes for a really delightful dinner. We hung out and vegged for the evening before it was time to crash for bed.

Today should be another really great day. I have to head down and see about getting my saddle set on Roscoe, and then when Michelle comes home we'll be heading off for a trail ride. This evening I need to get my stuff in some reasonable order so that I can head to the ranch tomorrow for the beginning of class! I will miss being here at her house; it’s been so delightful up here, peaceful and quiet. I have really enjoyed my time here being able to hang out with both of them, and the horses too. She did say I could come back for the weekends if I felt like it, so I'll probably have to take her up on that some time!

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