06.08.21: First Night

This is short since I updated half the day yesterday.

Last night was pretty good sleeping in the cabin. Thankfully I have a bottom bunk, so I don't have to climb all the way up every night and down in the morning.

The rest of my cabin is really nice, they're all 18 and all are well into Level 2, working on level 3. They are all approaching really great opportunities for themselves in the horse world. Lacy is the last one that I met, and its Lillan and Emma that are from Washington State. Lacy is from Rochester, New York.

I'm up this morning and Roscoe's happily munching on his hay cubes. He gets very tired of waiting for them to soak and makes all sorts of funny faces at me.

To explain the saddle issue a little better for anybody that might not understand: Saddles are like shoes, they need to fit the horse really well, but in addition to that, they should fit the rider too. If a saddle is too big for the rider, that’s ok, but it sure can't be too small which is the case with my saddle. Buying a saddle is a bit like buying shoes without being 100% sure of the size and not being allowed to try it on very well before you leave the store. It’s a real guessing game, and can be very frustrating. Hopefully I'll find something that will work and will service me a bit better than this one. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

The lovely weather of Pagosa Springs says its 41 this morning and feels like 36. It should be cloudy today with a high of 60 and an 80% chance of thunderstorms. Just another day in paradise (but unfortunately I forgot warm gloves and an ear warmer...)

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