06.08.27: Another Day

Yesterday was a very laid back day, but a good day. I got up and ate breakfast and then went to feed Roscoe and muck out. When I returned to begin working with him for the morning, I discovered that he had a small scrape on his hind leg. I took him down to the wash-rack and hosed it off, and it wasn't bad. Who knows what he actually did, probably scrapping with someone else along his pen. A woman gave me some nice mineral concentrate stuff to put on it to help stop the bit of bleeding, and I'll keep an eye on it and make sure it stays clean and heals up good. Other than that, he was perfectly fine.

We worked more on backing up with the tail again in the pen, and then more on the ears, which right now don't seem to be improving, but I think they will over time with the different strategy. When I discovered his banged leg, I was looking for the instructors during their allotted time that they were supposed to be available and never saw one. That was a little frustrating, but it is a big place I guess. Today I will just have to go hunting for them.

Roscoe and I wandered around for a long time in the Savvy Park trying out different things. We went to graze down by the pond for a long time as well. While we were sitting there with Lacy and her horse Sweet Potato, and Diana who has started to hang out with us, we realized that we were hungry because we missed our usual morning snack that we get before we sit down for class. So Diana held Sweet Potato, and Lacy went inside to get cups of water and some cookies for us. She came back out the door with three cups of water in her hands, and cups of cookies stuffed into her pockets, and an apple in her back pocket for the horses. It was hilarious to see her pockets bulging.

As we sat and ate, it began to drizzle, which turned into rain of course. We took shelter (cookies and all) under the faculty porch roof, while the horses stood outside. Poor Sweet Potato wanted to be out of the rain so badly; the look on her face was terrible! The rain got harder, and then shortly it turned into hail, with pieces less than the size of a dime. Roscoe was a bit upset at first, but he settled right down and ignored it shortly after that. We sat in amazement as it continued to rain for a while, and then finally cleared up fully.

I continued to work with Roscoe for a bit, and then watched Lacy play at Liberty with Sweet Potato for a while before I headed up to give Roscoe his lunch. I found out that Emma and Lillan had headed into town already which I thought was odd because we had made plans to all go in the afternoon. Lacy said that Lillan still wasn't feeling well, so that was why they left.

We headed down and grabbed lunch of grilled cheese before we went back up to the cabins to get the laundry and bring it down. Lacy headed off first to go get the car and meet us in the little parking lot. That was a HUGE help because the laundry weighed a LOT.

We headed down 160 looking for the laundry mat and finally found it without any trouble. $6.00 later my laundry was clean and dry. I called Mom and Dad while I waited and tried a few other people but was never able to catch anyone else. Mom and I talked for a while about their trip out here and everything which was really nice.

Diana called Emma and Lillan to find out how they were doing and found out that they were now in the hospital in Durango (the closest hospital of any size). Apparently they stopped at the clinic here and the guy could not help them, so he sent them on to Durango. Emma explained to us how to feed their horses for the evening in case they weren't back in time.

We finally finished up with everything and headed off down 160 again to go to the Malt shop and get ice-cream after we got through that adventure. We stopped by the grocery store for a few things after that, and then headed off to find a health food store, but found it was closed. We drove by taco bell and got a craving, so we grabbed taco bell for dinner.

We made it back to the ranch right before dinner, and ate before heading up to take care of all the horses. Between Diana and I we managed to get everybody fed and happy and then came back down to take showers and relax a bit before we had to go up and water the horses. That was done with Lacy's help in the dark, but it got accomplished.

All of us finally headed up to the cabin to crash, and Diana called Emma again to find out what was going on. Emma said that they were admitted in the hospital but it was taking forever. The doctor had only been in to see them once, and they put Lillan on Morphine and she was feeling better, but they still didn't know what was wrong. We told them to call if anything happened, and let us know. Then Lacy and I ended up staying up forever having a really great conversation that was enlightening for both of us. It’s great to be able to have those discussions here. We finally fell asleep to the sounds of thunder and rain on the roof. I slept really well, but was a little disturbed when it was 53 degrees in the cabin this morning. I checked the weather just now and it is 36 feels like 30. Today's high is 54 degrees, with a low of 37 tonight and more thunderstorms in the forecast. Sounds like a good day for going to the hot springs to me!

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