06.08.28: Lazy Days

Sunday was a good and lazy day. We had to feed Prince and Damo again for Emma and Lillan. We loaded up the wheel barrow with five buckets and heaved it up the hill, and of course that almost gave me a heart attack. After that I just didn't have the energy to do a whole lot anymore. So we ended up sitting on the benches for a while in front of the tack room. After a while, Diana and I decided that we should go over to the fire pit and lay on the logs there in the sun for a bit. We relaxed and watched people playing in the Savvy Park, and watched four people play the circling game together, passing the ropes from one to another.

They began to play with their carrot sticks and make up other games they could do together when Michael, one of our instructors, walked by. They asked him for some other games that they could do and he explained a game that is called hunkerdown which is similar to tug of war, but it actually has strategy. Two people stand on buckets (or some other thing, the log worked well) with quite a bit of slack in the rope. The strategy is to pull the other person off their bucket however you can using feel and timing with the rope. It’s tough to do, and is loads of fun.

After we finished up that, I went and got Roscoe out of his pen and took him grazing for while. We moseyed around the hill and he ate grass and I watched other people working for a while. I fed him lunch after that, and about that time Ralph stopped by. It was great to see him and a pleasant surprise. We talked for a while and I caught him up on what was going on and how Roscoe was improving.
After Roscoe got his lunch we headed down to the lodge and he hung out with me during lunch and chatted. We had a good time catching up. We also made plans for me to go back to their house and visit for the coming weekend.

After lunch we attempted to get our stuff together to go to the hot springs, but we kept putting it off. We checked in with Emma and Lillan, and found out that Lillan's meds didn't make her feel any better, so they were back in the hospital and were awaiting the results of a CT scan. In passing through the lodge, we found out they were playing the PBS special, Cloud about the white stallion. I talked on the phone to catch up with Jim for a bit, and then headed in to watch that. The reality of wild horses is pretty intense. After that was over, we headed out to hang out for a while just watching people while Diana played with her horse. I wandered out and had some good discussions with people while just hanging out, and then watched Diana get help from Rachel to build her horse's confidence going into a trailer.

We began to smell dinner cooking on the grill outside and weren't sure what it was, but decided to stay instead of finding something to eat in town. Lacy and I sat on barrels by the round corral watching people and trying to balance without falling off until Diana came back down. We headed into the lodge for dinner since it was almost ready. After sitting there for a while we discovered that dinner is at 7 on Sundays because it always takes longer to cook, and tonight’s fare was beef tenderloin.

Finally dinner was ready and there was a mad rush for the line, which took forever since everyone had to stop and fix their potatoes where the fixins were. By the time we were done eating, the line was still there. I stopped John and told him about Emma and Lillan that we hadn't heard from them, and not 15 minutes later Emma walked in the door. Lillan has gallstones. She will be having the surgery Monday and then come back home on Tuesday. We are probably going to go see her Monday afternoon.

As soon as people started finding out about her, they were very concerned. Neil and Linda and their daughter Sara suggested that we take up a collection to get her something nice, and since then the girls and I have decided to get her some small stuff for the hospital and then get her some other fun stuff to decorate the cabin with when she returns.

When Emma was done eating, we finally got out of the lodge and headed up to take care of all the horses again, which was much easier with only one extra horse. It was getting late but Diana and I still wanted to try to find out if the hot springs were open, so off to town we went under a crystal clear sky overloaded with stars.

To our happiness, the springs were open until midnight, so we hurried in and enjoyed the cool evening in the warm water. We happened to meet up with two other people from the ranch and chatted for a while in the pool with the jets.

We finally headed back and made the long trek back to the lodge and then up to the cabin. Apparently Lacy and Emma were asleep already, but Lacy and I had a nice short conversation when I walked in the door. It was rather amusing. I also heard the coyotes as I came in with their song. I fell asleep rather promptly. This morning between www.weather.com and www.accuweather.com we have a temperature of somewhere between 36 and 47 this morning. The high will be between 57 and 81. I suppose that is accurate... Its definitely not as cold this morning as it was yesterday for sure... but it’s still quite chilly!

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