06.08.29: Adventures and Surprises

Monday morning came with our Remudas which will stay the same for the rest of the week. We had a great discussion with John as our leader. It was a bit tough to go all the way back to Friday and remember what was going on. There were excellent points brought up about the demonstration that Kaafa did with Thor, and about her lecture earlier in the morning. It was great to be able to discuss it and rehash it with other people.Following the Remuda we went straight to the playground to watch John demonstrate the first three games, specifically working on the driving game. After discussing friendly game, he went over porcupine game. He even showed us how it was possible to lead the horse by the ear. It was simply teaching the horse to follow a feel.

Next he worked on the driving game, and John demonstrated how to start driving the horse from zone 3 (the barrel) and the work backwards to zone 4 (hindquarters) and zone 5 (the tail and beyond). He discussed how to teach it and how to stay safe. He also demonstrated how to begin teaching the horse to accept two rein driving.Then we got to watch an inspirational demo with Don driving the golf cart and Rachel (his wife) using two 45' lines as reins on her little Arabian. They told us earlier in the class that when she started working with the Arab when they began playing shadow game he didn't leave the pen for two weeks because he was so unconfident. It’s amazing to see him now...

Rachel drove Dreamy between the tires (and then backwards, the golf cart wouldn't fit!), over the bridge, and straight into the trailer. She then demonstrated level 3 trailer loading from the end of the 45' line. Then she got creative and climbed to the top of the trailer, and he went right in! Finally, she finished up with loading him at liberty. After her demonstration, we broke up into groups and practiced out Conga Horses to gain more feedback on our skills.

Lunch was next on the order, and we made plans with Emma to head down to Druango to see Lillan. She had her surgery in the morning some time and we wanted to stop by and make sure everything was ok. Her dad had flown in some time during the day, and her mom was due in later. We finished up lunch and then took the horses out for a little while. Emma wanted to work Damo for Lillan a bit because she was getting stiff standing in her pen. We left about mid-afternoon and headed the hour west to the hospital. When we arrived we found this crazy sign:

We checked in with Lillan, and she looked as good as one can expect just coming out of surgery. Her Dad was there already, and was feeding her Jello and tea and such. We talked with her for a bit. She is going to be discharged on Tuesday, and will stay in town at a hotel to be sure everything is ok. After that we'll make whatever arrangements that she needs to be comfortable.

Emma, Diana and I headed over to Wal-Mart to see about getting Lillan some surprises and do something nice for her when she returns. We found a bunch of glow sticks which will be fun to decorate with, and I finally came up with the idea to make her a quick pillow that everyone can sign. We found some fabric with horses on it, and some lighter fabric for the back and bought needles and everything. I didn't get a tape measure, but I think we’ll live. Hopefully it will work well with the paint pens that we bought. That has to start today.

We got home in time to still get dinner, which was a relief. . We finished up and Lacy had kindly got all of our feed set up, which was awesome. We hauled everything up the hill and go everyone squared away and then I headed for a nice shower.This morning it was 47 according to acccuweather... all I know is that its chilly!

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