06.09.04: Beginning Again

Yesterday started out rather interesting. I got up and put my contacts in since I didn't have my lens case. As I was rinsing out the little glass dishes that Michelle loaned me I dropped one in the sink and of course it broke. That bothered me, but it didn't change that the rest of the day was pretty good.

I called Mom and started folding laundry and discovered that the second load that I thought had been done really hadn't... so I had to go hurry out to the kitchen and figure out how to get all that done before I had to leave. There was no way those clothes could be worn again! We got that squared away and I continued to work on getting my other things packed.

I got off the phone and Michelle and Ralph had decided to go out to breakfast anyway, so we headed loaded up the horses for our ride and headed back in the direction of Bayfield to eat at a restaurant that they liked. Come to find out it had been sold and was now a catfish house... So it was back to Steamworks Brewery for Breakfast. That turned into a bit of an endeavor because the service was really slow, apparently there wasn't enough grill space in the kitchen. Tell me how that makes sense.

We finally finished up there and headed down the road to Saul's creek again. Instead of going in the same direction that we went the last time, we headed across the road in a different direction. It ended up that Michelle and Ralph found a new section of trails that they had not been on before, which was kinda cool. The ride was nice and relaxing.

We finished up there and hurried back home and threw the clothes into the dryer and then ran back out the door to get me back to the ranch. I was technically late, but wasn't worried about it. We had to carry my stuff down since there was no one left around to take it for me. The greatest thing was as we reached the coverall Roscoe began to whinny, and did a few times. It made me feel really good that he was happy to be back here.

I hurried and threw my stuff up in the cabin and put Roscoe away and then snuck in the back door of the lodge to hear the rest of orientation. Tina and Jesse are our instructors for this course, and I noticed that someone snuck into the back door with a camera. And lo and behold they brought in Linda. I was surprised, but this is really her area of expertise. So tomorrow starts out with a Fear Makeover for a horse and human, so that should really be interesting. I hope that Linda does help us a lot with the course.

They finished up their part, and started the Stephanie Burns Learning video and so I headed out to put away my laundry and then get a much needed shower (I hate not using my soaps!). I finished up with that and was greeted by cooler temps and a stiff breeze which meant the rain was on its way. I hurried inside and worked a bit with my new computer for a while which was a lot of fun.

I found all the girls, and we hung out and talked for a while as we waited for dinner which was at 7 instead of 6:30 like I thought. Dinner turned out to be NY Strip Steaks and baked potatoes, which was very good. The food here is always good.

The rest of the evening was largely lazy as I was really tired so I hurried up to the cabin early and gave Chuck a call and tried to get some of my things organized again.

I checked through the level 2 assessment list and I should be able to finish that with Roscoe before I leave, it will take some work in some areas, but there is a good chance. Now I just have to get a video camera. Here’s to a new class!

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