06.09.10: Colorado Mud

Yesterday's festivities were wonderful as usual. The morning included Pat working with a young guy on starting a colt. The colt was a beautiful silvery gray blue, and the guy was one of Pat's previous students. He had a very bad infection when he was a child that almost destroyed his hip joint. Within the past year, his supporters managed to find a doctor that could rebuild his hip. He hardly has a limp now and was doing an extremely good job working with the colt. The colt began to go introverted at several points, and eventually Pat had to take the colt and work with it so that he could draw him out. It was incredible to watch.

Linda did work in the afternoon with a guy that was working on riding. She did some incredible things with him that totally improved his riding, and thus the horse.

Pat also did some cow work, which was really amazing to watch. Magic just loves the work, and you can see it in the sparkle in her eyes. Pat brought in Mango and Liberty Belle again, and was beginning to teach her how to work cows through her mother. It was incredible to watch the tiny baby only 6 months old chasing the cows out of the arena.

The day was a bit rainy, and cold, but as with anything it was all wonderful.

I'm in a hurry a bit since I took a shower this morning, and I just can't manage to write everything down at this moment, I hope that my brain doesn't get too full so that I can't remember what happened. The mud's still here... Just as plentiful as before.

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