06.09.16: Ending Up Warm

Yesterday was the finale so it began with one large group remuda in the lodge. We talked and discussed things and went over the course a bit. It was great to recap and think back through the course. Tina and Jesse led us through the recap and it ended up getting really emotional when they asked us to write a letter to our horse and they would mail it to each of us a month later.

We watched the segments of video that we went through in the course, and then they handed out our awards. We finished up with all of that then we had to go around and read several charts that had keywords and discuss them with a partner.

We finished up with that and had some free time so I headed up to the cabin and got my stuff organized to go out after dinner plus got my laundry in order. I swung over and fed Roscoe and then made my way down to lunch.

I finished up lunch and by then Roscoe was finally finished so I got him all ready to head up and play with the cows more. We met up at the big top and practiced with the simulators a bit more before we divided into groups and some of us stayed at the big top with the cows, and the other part of the group headed out to the playground to move the other herd of cows.

Tina divided us into groups and we had to move the cows around through barrels and between cones. Our group did a really good job moving cows despite the challenges.

We finished up with that and I headed to put Roscoe away and decided to go ahead and change my clothes so I wouldn't have to do that at the hot springs.

Dinner rolled around and it was really good. I finished up and we headed out to the hot springs with a crowd. It was so nice to hang out and be warm. We left there and headed over to a little bar for drinks. They had a live band that was actually pretty good. We shot pool and laughed and had a great time before dragging in way too late. It was crystal clear and beautiful when we came in, with a cold breeze blowing.

It seems this morning that there is snow around here, at least around here, not on the ranch. Laundry is calling...