06.09.17: A Cold Wind Blowing

Yesterday started out cool, as seems to be the growing trend. The valley had deep dark clouds hanging over it, and the peaks are now dusted in snow. The morning started a bit late after the night before. Laundry was gathered and the girls and I headed over with a few stops along the way. I got my talking done on the phone, and Nic and Aaron stopped by and dropped off Nic's laundry so that they could run to the tack shop on the other end of the town. I sat outside while I talked on the phone, and the wind was really beginning to have a bitter cold taste to it, despite the brilliant sunshine.

I finished up with the laundry and Nic and Aaron came back by and we just threw the laundry into the back of the truck and headed off into Durango for the day. The drive was pleasant and we made a few stops to check on things for Aaron, and then we found a place to park in town. We walked around searching for a place for lunch and finally settled on The Palace, and ended up getting 1/2 lb burgers, of which I was only able to eat half of.

We finally finished up there and rolled out of there and started our wandering. I stopped by the bookstore to buy the book on Wildfire that I found that I couldn't get out of my head, and we wandered all over town. I stopped in a little shop to check and see if they could turn my knife clip around, but it was a no go too. We roamed around while longer and wandered into a strange street festival that seemed more about beer and really weird costumes than about mountain biking like it was supposed to be. Apparently college just started again.

We stopped in a coffee shop for some nice coffee and chocolate from the Rocky Mountain Fudge Shop, and enjoyed chilling out for a while.

Aaron needed to stop at Wal-Mart so we made a cruise through there before we finally made our way home.

I was so full from lunch still that I hardly ate any dinner. I was pretty darn tired, so I pretty much crashed after that anyway. The breeze was blowing cold by the time we headed up to the cabin. The morning arrived at 55 degrees in our cabin with the heater on low... Outside found frost covering EVERYTHING. According to google this morning, it is 26 here. That’s only a little on the chilly side. The showers are still not cooperating apparently either... I can only hope I get a hot one because a cold shower in this weather will only grant me hypothermia. It’s another lazy day in Pagosa.

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