06.09.18: Lazy Days

Yesterday started out FROSTY. I checked the weather when I arrived in the lodge and it said 26. It’s the first freeze of the year, and it came hard.

Sundays always begin lazily, which is delightful. Breakfast came with oatmeal which was delicious. It was slow going getting up to feed Roscoe in the morning. The pen was still so mushy from the rain that there wasn't really a way to muck it out yet.

Nic decided he wanted to oil his saddle, so I gave him a hand with that since he didn't want to get his hands icky. He'd have been there forever if he did it his way. It was fun and slowly it warmed up which was a relief. We decided to go out for a grazing ride, which really nice and lazy. The breeze is cold, despite the sun's efforts to be warm. It was truly a fall day for the first time. The feeling is in the air, and the mountains are white in the distance.

We finished up our ride right about lunch time. I decided to head into the shower since there was rumor that the hot water situation had been corrected. After heading up to the cabin to gather my stuff, I got into the shower room and discovered that I forgot my towel. I took my stuff back out and headed all the way back up the hill for my towel and then returned and finally got into the hot shower, to my relief.

I finished up with that and hung around for a while before orientation began for the final course. There are only 11 new people, which is a relief. It sounds like the course is going to be good. I checked my email and hung out for a bit before wandering out to see what was going on. Nic was working with his lease horse, Drift in the round pen and wanted me to take some pictures so I hung out there for a while and then wandered up with him when he put Drift away.

Dinner was simply too far away since it’s a half hour later on Sundays. I fed Roscoe and then we headed down and just hung out for almost an hour while the beef tenderloin finished up cooking. Dinner finally arrived, and brought a long line with it, but the tenderloin and baked potatoes were very much worth it.

Brennalyn and Nic and I headed out after we finished up dinner, and went to shoot more pool for a little while. It was enjoyable time, and the bar was quiet which was nice. We headed back and headed up the hill in the cold. The girls were still awake when I got to the cabin so we chatted for a while before finally crashing. The morning arrived too cold, as usual, with another frost and a slightly warmer temp of 30. Thank goodness there is no remuda outside this morning.

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